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Flagkeepers Pricing

Every flag rental order is custom-designed to fully satisfy the requirements of your event. The cost associated with the flag rental is determined by the following:

  • number of flag sets ordered
  • whether the display is indoors or outdoors 
  • number of days for the rental
  • venue transportation/mileage

You can rent flag sets individually (1 to 24 flags), as a group (25 flags), or as a combination of the two.

Your flag rental order will include a charge for transportation/mileage to and from the event. The charge for outdoor displays is $1.75 per mile, and the charge for indoor displays is $0.75 per mile. 

Rental Fees

Individually up to 24 flag sets $35 per flag set
One group - 25 flag sets $550
Two groups - 50 flag sets $850
Three groups - 75 flag sets $1,200
Four groups - 100 flag sets $1,500
  • We charge a labor fee of $300.00 for outdoor setup and striking for one to two groups of flags (25 to 50 flags).
  • We request an additional $100.00 charge for each additional group of flags beyond the first two groups, up to four groups (100 flags).
  • Each additional group of flags ordered beyond four groups will be priced at $300.00 per group.

Events Lasting Longer Than One Day

Your flag order is quoted on a one-day event rental. If you request rentals longer than one day, there will be a charge for each additional day. That additional charge will be 50 percent of the first day’s rental.


Payment is required on the day of the event. Make checks payable to FLAGKEEPERS.

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